User-centered Workspaces

A collaboration between KB, the national library of the Netherlands and TU Delft.

Our libraries are cultural jewels which serve as homes for the works of artists and creators, poets and illustrators. Vast archives of analog works are being migrated to electronic formats. In the digital era – now and in the future – these works spill outside of individual library buildings into public spaces and peoples’ homes. Yet, we still need libraries to be able to view the works in their original format, experience them with all our senses, find a moment of peace away from the bustle of our rushed lives, perhaps encounter other like-minded people, and exchange our knowledge and
inspirations. All this can be facilitated by some form of a “living” interactive environment. We can imagine a library, which grows around its collection, augments and enhances the way people browse and experience collection items, and fosters meaningful interactions among the library visitors and the collection.

In this collaboration between the KB national library of the Netherlands and the TU Delft minor Interactive Environments students will work together to get to know our library collections and let them interact with visitors, students, passersby and all who our interested through interactive installations. They will visit the KB site, get the feel of the building and it’s surroundings and find new ways to incorporate the environment in the interaction between collection and (possible) users.